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Welcome to Strategic Wealth Advisors Our experienced team is courteous, caring, knowledgeable, respectful, and resourceful. We keep our promises and provide financial planning services that help affluent, goal-oriented clients keep the promises they made to themselves and their families.

Since our inception, we continue to work both directly with our clients and also provide advisor support for the clients of Attorneys, CPAs, Bankers, and other related experts.

Richard Hanseen, company founder, says, “SWA was spawned by a need for an unbiased planning environment. After 20-plus-year career as a practicing CPA I wanted to be able to offer my clients even greater opportunities to capitalize on my years of experience and contacts. This led to the opening of Strategic Wealth Advisors, LLC in 2000; allowing me to transition from my CPA practice into  the financial services arena and provide that level of unbiased, client centered support.”

We’re professionals who are here to implement your chosen strategies in order to help grow your estate and create your legacy. Keeping promises requires having a collaborative-interdisciplinary team of qualified wealth strategy experts that remain focused on your family and its wealth management needs–plus its unique set of values, history and goals. Our team specializes in creating strategies focused on the accumulation and protection of your assets and family values.


As your needs change, we’re right there with you—working at your pace; guiding you through the spectrum of your individual tolerance for risk. Would you be prepared to deal with the loss of a spouse, child, parent, or your property? Could your family survive without you? What if the economy goes farther south and negatively affects your career? What if you made a poor financial decision that impacts your tax situation? . . . We listen in order to effectively receive information, understand, interpret, envision, research, evaluate alternatives, visualize solutions and possibilities, and help you select appropriate choices. Once the plan is in place, checks and balances are made, progress is monitored and benchmarks are noted and recorded.

Wealth Accumulation

Clients consistently count on us to do our part Proudly Celebrating Excellence since 2000,  we continue to remain informed and knowledgeable in our industry. We work with top professionals in their designated disciplines, ensuring that you receive the best expertise. Clint portfolios are created by a team of CFAs (Certified Financial Analysts) that reflect your need for return and your appetite for risk. Collectively, we bring patience and strength to the equation of your unique situation.

Estate Preservation and Transfer

The older you get and the more your family grows, the more you’ll probably want to protect your legacy What do you want your Legacy to be? What would your legacy be if you could not use money in your answer? What are you family values that helped build the wealth? The answer is an important if not the most important piece of your legacy. Whatever the answer, SWA can help. We’ll walk with you through the options and every step, listen and mind your comfort level to produce a strategy that’s right for you; because it will be designed only for you.

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Richard Hanseen, CPA, PFS, Founder and Principal of Strategic Wealth Advisors, LLC

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