About SWA

About SWA

private wealth managementFrom wealth accumulation to sustainable income and wealth transfer. Why SWA? As  financial  advisors we help develop the blueprint for your financial future. From accumulation, to retirement, to wealth transfer  We view investments and insurance as tools used, where appropriate, to increase and protect your wealth.

The fact is, not all wealth advisors are also CPAs. We are. This distinction brings you a unique edge and perspective.

Real-world CPA experience enhances the depth of knowledge and qualifications possessed by financial advisors. As we bring our CPA experience to the table, our sole mission is to help clients happily navigate and succeed through the various phases of their financial lives.

Whether you’re a working professional, are approaching or in retirement: Our team is experienced in responsibly accumulating, maintaining and transferring assets–while always respecting your family values and history.

As a peer professional attorney, CPA, banker, etc., who is seeking qualified advisor support, you’ll appreciate collaborating with us.  Aside from our experience, references, work ethic, spirit of teamwork and dedication, and vast knowledge of the industry: We’re poised to exchange qualified referrals with you as we adhere to high standards and integrity.

At SWA, We Remain Client Focused

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Once we identify what’s most important to you, and why, you’ll receive customized solutions–plus the benefit of having your finances and health of your financial situation consistently monitored and aligned.

Our team approach extends well beyond our walls Since economic factors, changing laws, regulations, and more can drastically affect your financial well being, SWA works with a unique team of financial  experts. We offer options and solutions that are client focused and aligned with the various stages of your life.

The team members who design and implement your plan are drawn from our robust network of industry of leading professionals.

They include: Estate planning attorneys, certified public accountants, valuation experts, private money managers, risk management experts, elder care specialists, philanthropic advisors and retirement planners. We ensure that your team of specialists works together and remains focused on your big picture–ensuring that your mutually agreed upon strategy is implemented and monitored.

Serving a growing base of medium and high-net-worth clients We provide client-focused, fee-based financial planning and investment advisor services. SWA was formed as an outgrowth of a CPA firm that was founded in 2000 by Richard Hanseen, CPA/PFS. Richard is a CPA/PFS, practicing in the financial planner and a personal financial specialist, who oversees client accounts. Sound financial acumen and commitment to excellence in financial advisory services have provided clients and their families with peace of mind; as he continues to assist clients from multiple generations to prepare for good and bad times.

Call SWA today at 702-362-3123 to schedule your free initial consultation.


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Clarity, Confidence & Comfort: As our slogan promises, count on SWA to provide Clarity in the discovery phase, Confidence in the strategic phase and Comfort in the implementation phase:

  • You’ll gain Clarity as you become empowered. What is your family vision? What does your retirement dream look and sound like?
  • You’ll have Confidence that the strategies developed are based on a review of your family vision and your retirement vision 
  • You’ll find Comfort regarding your wealth, asset management and legacy issues—experiencing a calm, comfortable and confident inner-peace, as your solid plan of action is developed and implemented; solutions are provided; assets and estate protected; property and family lives are secured; and investments are managed within your risk tolerance.

We’ll monitor your progress throughout the year to ensure that your plan is appropriate for each of the stages and situations of your life.