Our meetings are about you.

In our first meeting we would like to get to know you. We would like to understand your desires, goals and objectives.

Another way to phrase the issue is what is the purpose of your wealth?

What are you trying to accomplish?

What is your family vision?

What does your plan for retirement sound and look like?

What would your income needs be during retirement?

Do you plan on leaving a legacy and if so to whom?

We listen carefully to your insights, beliefs, and perceptions because they are the basis for any plan developed that serves your financial purpose.


Your goals and objectives expressed as the purpose of your money becomes the basis for preparation of your financial plan.

We analyze the financial information provided and couple it with the purpose of your money to create a strategy that will accomplish your vision.

Tactically speaking, which financial tools can be strategically joined together and implemented in such a manner that they will lead to the actualization of your plan?

Financial Tools include investments and insurance.

We spend time reviewing the plan with you.

Have we heard you and have we dealt with your concerns in the plan?

Does the plan make sense to you?

We make changes needed to ensure the plan reflects the purpose of your money.


Clarity of goals and objectives coupled with strategies for success lead to comfort, and peace of mind.

Your plan has been clearly defined and is being implemented as defined by the Investment Policy Statement.

Portfolio managers are recommended who manage your portfolio within the dictates of your investment policy statement.

We collaborate with the investment managers who proactively reallocate your portfolio as market conditions warrant.

Providing you with daily on-line account access and quarterly performance reports.

Suggest changes to your investment strategy when and if your financial circumstances change.



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